inquiry and investigation),
- defense of a defendant in court proceedings (courts of first and second instance),
- cases: theft, misappropriation, robbery, fraud, rape, drunk driving, possession and trafficking of drugs, intellectual counterfeiting, abuse, insults and defamation, violation of physical integrity, threats, traffic accident,
- dismissal of criminal proceedings,
- representation of a convicted person at the stage of executing the penalty imposed by a final judgment of the court,
- preparation of the following cases: parole, postponement of the execution of a sentence, prison leave, suspension of the execution of a sentence, expungement of convection,
- representation of detained persons,
- preparation of applications for the execution of a penalty in the electronic supervision system,
- criminal cases of any difficulty, including multi-volume and complex cases,
- representation of the interests of victims, subsidiary prosecutors, as well as witnesses,
- criminal cases with the participation of minors and other cases.